Daily updates from the first annual AFI DALLAS International Film Festival presented by Target, founding sponsor Victory Park, March 22 to April 1, 2007

Friday, March 30, 2007

Who Are These People? Thelma and Louise

Thelma and Louise; or Louise and Thelma
Thelma and Louise; or Louise and Thelma

While they aren't people, Thelma and Louise, the white toy poodles that call Artistic Director Michael Cain and Board of Directors Liaison Melina McKinnon their owners have been familiar faces and wagging tails in the AFI Dallas office from the beginning. We told them to "sit" for a quick Q&A.

Q: So, what is the best part of the AFI DALLAS festival for you?

Thelma: People eating lunch.

Louise: The comfy chairs in Michael's office.

Q: The worst part?

Thelma: Sydney (Tearlach Hutcheson's dog).

Louise: Can't stand her.

Thelma: Bitch.

Q: What's your favorite film so far?

Louise: Fido.

Thelma: The Bracelet of Bordeaux.

Thelma: Do you have one of those rawhide chews?

Q: No, sorry. Describe your job or jobs at the festival.

Louise: Pretty much, we're just here to run around, let people rub our dog bellies and... is that bacon?

Q: No, that's not bacon. So, what else do you do?

Thelma: Sleep. We sleep a lot.

Louise: All of those people working all of time. It's exhausting. For us. To watch them.

Q: So, you sleep and let people feed you and rub your belly.

Louise: That and fool people into thinking we're each other.

Thelma: It's a job, what can you say. Seriously, are you sure you don’t have any Snausages?