Daily updates from the first annual AFI DALLAS International Film Festival presented by Target, founding sponsor Victory Park, March 22 to April 1, 2007

Friday, March 30, 2007

Guests Added to Saturday Panel Discussion

Join us for AT&T TALK/SHOW - free and open to the public - during closing weekend of the AFI DALLAS International Film Festival at the Nasher Sculpture Center, 2001 Flora Street [map].
  • Saturday March 31, 12:00 noon - The True Independence of Independent Film - Hosted by Gary Cogill, WFAA - Are we witnessing another shift in filmmaking ways and means where a truly independent film is one shot on a DV cam? If there isn't a "name" in your cast have you already thrown in the towel as far as making a "sell" when it is all said and done? Finally, is there a law of diminishing returns in terms of vision as your film's budget (and studio involvement) increases?

  • Guest Panelists:

    • Lori McCreary - 10 Items or Less
    • Dean Matthew Ronalds & Brian Ronalds - Netherbeast Incorporated
    • Doug Mankoff - Away From Her
    • James Skotchdopole - GrindhouseLawrence Silverstein - Sk8 Life

  • Saturday March 31, 2:00 pm - What's the Female Point? - Hosted by Missy Schwartz, Entertainment Weekly - A look at getting films made and getting stories told from the female perspective. How have the hurdles and challenges changed recently (if at all)? Is the ultimate goal to tell a truthful story from a female perspective or simply to tell a good story, regardless of the perspective?

  • Saturday March 31, 3:30 pm - The Past Ten Years - Hosted by 2929 Entertainment CEO Todd Wagner - It's been ten years since the height of Broadcast.com, and many of the programs and initiatives that Wagner and partner Mark Cuban were pushing back then are now fully integrated into people's lives. Ten years ago, of course, that was a different story. As Wagner likes to say, in digital entertainment, everything old is new again.