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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Actor's Corner: Amy Davidson, NETHERBEAST INCORPORATED

Amy Davidson The Ronalds Brothers' NETHERBEAST INCORPORATED (Screening Friday, 3/30 at 7:30PM and Saturday 3/31 at 9:45PM) takes a queasily gentle approach to teaching us all about vampires. The ones that live amongst us (and have, frankly, for years) that we have never been aware of. The inventive comic horror film boasts a roster of funny and quirky actors from Saturday Night Live's Darrell Hammond to Kids in the Hall veteran Dave Foley to Blue's Clues Steve Burns. And serving as our everywoman and the film's heroine is Amy Davidson, of 8 Simple Rules fame. Taking in the history of the secret and not so dangerous society of her co-workers as both they and she become threatened, Davidson doesn’t miss a step as she provides the perfect perky balance to the mock horror taking place around her.

Q: After being all over the TV for the first few years of your career, how did you take to the difference in the style and pace of film production working on NETHERBEAST INCORPORATED?

A: I love the differences between TV and film. Everything from the characters I've been fortunate to bring to life to the rhythm and flow of the shoot. I enjoyed having more time with the material vs. one week with a script in television. But on the flip side I was sad when the shoot was over. You become close with the people you work with and when the film is finished everyone goes their separate ways. In TV you see everyone the next season. I have to say that Netherbeast is an extremely special project. I felt that way from the very beginning! AND because it shot in Arizona, I was able to spend a lot of time with family and friends. It doesn’t get better than that!

Q: How did the dynamic work between you and the boys club (Dave Foley, Darrell Hammond, Steve Burns, Judd Nelson, etc.) that made up the majority of the cast of the film?

A: I loved being one of the only females in the film. You get lots of attention. All of the guys are wonderful! I received a warm welcome into the Boys Club!

Q: Seriously, how many of the guys were jealous of Steve Burns since he got to be your love interest?

A: Robert Wagner was probably the most jealous. I wish. (smiles.) What a lovely, lovely man. I had a special connection with RJ because of his friendship with James Garner.

Q: And, on the flip side, how upset was your former co-star and friend, Kaley Cuoco that you got to buddy up with the Blue's Clues guy in a movie?

A: Kaley cried daily!

Q: This is a very different vampire movie, really stretching the concept. Did you feel a little gypped that you weren't wearing some Victorian gowns or at the least doing battle with some dark seductive Dracula types?

A: One of the things I love most about NETHERBEAST INCORPORATED is that the "Nethermen" look just like us! There’s so much humor in that. And I did get to kick ass! He just wasn't hairy and scary looking. Yes I'd love to wear Victorian dresses and big hats! I guess I'll have to save that for my next film.

Q: What is your favorite vampire movie (not counting this one)?

A: Buffy the Vampire Slayer! I'm a chicken when it comes to scary movies!

Q: Saturday Night Live or Kids in the Hall - which is the funnier?

A: Not a fair question! Both shows were/are brilliant.

Q: You have an extensive dance background. How many times have you tried to convince a director or producer to add a dance sequence for you?

A: On 8 Simple Rules we talked about Kerry ballroom dancing. But we never got to that. That is my dream job! When I get to dance and act in the same film!

Amy Davidson will appear at NETHERBEAST INCORPORATED's opening night screening at 7:30 p.m. Friday @ Magnolia.

By John Wildman, Staff Writer