Daily updates from the first annual AFI DALLAS International Film Festival presented by Target, founding sponsor Victory Park, March 22 to April 1, 2007

Friday, March 23, 2007

Who Are These People? Connie Beebe

"That's Beebe. Boy-echo-echo-boy-echo," says Connie Beebe, assistant to Liener Temerlin, AFI DALLAS Founder and Chairman, for the last 23 years. "Before I went to work for Liener, I was an air-traffic controller. The first woman to be a VFC at DFW airport. And then President Ronald Reagan fired me."

Lucky for Liener, because it was perfect training for Connie, who has to keep up with his projects, travels and meetings.

"He does a lot of travel," she says. "And he just loves the phone. He's just so amazing. He can talk anybody into anything over the phone."

The advertising legend is so much a part of her life, that she even lists him among her hobbies. "I enjoy family, Liener and genealogy - in that order," she says. Her husband, Lance, does computer training, and she has three daughters and seven grandchildren. She's traced her family back to 1500s England and 1600s Ireland.

And she just found out she was part of the McDonald clan in Scotland. No, not the burger kings you might think of.

"I wish!"

- by Marc Lee, Editor, AFI DALLAS Daily News