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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ten Burning Questions: Tony Quinn, THE LYCANTHROPE

Werewolf movies. From Lon Chaney to John Landis, countless gentle souls have gone animal under the harsh light of the full moon. And Tony Quinn gives a home-video-cam-on-your-best-friend-getting-all-twitchy feel to his contribution to the genre. Starring Zayra of Rockstar: Supernova fame, THE LYCANTHROPE (5:15 p.m. today @ AFC) will inspire you to keep your best buddy from going after some "strange," on that next trip out of town, lest he start acting murderously "strange" when the next lunar cycle hits.

1. Why do you hate campers?

I don't hate campers, it just seems to be the best scenario/setting to have people meet their demise. Dark, creepy and isolated. I used to go camping in my teens, I don't much anymore. Too many things can go wrong.

2. Other than your film, what is your favorite werewolf movie and why?

AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON. John Landis had the perfect combination of horror and humor. And that transformation scene holds up over time. I prefer it to some CGI stuff I've seen Props to Rick Baker!

3. What is the best thing about having your film at AFI DALLAS?

EVERYTHING! Exposure! Everyone has been really nice to us and if it helps us get a wider audience, that's what it's all about, right? Plus, we want to sell it, so it helps in that area also.

4. Who or what inspired you to want to make films?

I actually started out wanting to do animation for Disney and got sidetracked. I just figured, "It can't be that hard to make a movie." It is! So I found myself doing it. I'm inspired by anyone that is a good storyteller. I like Mira Nair, Spielberg, Lee, Tarantino, Rodriguez, Brewer. I recently met Craig Brewer and it was refreshing to hear some of his anecdotes about his filmmaking process.

5. What should a director do that they never think of until it's almost too late?

Too many things to list. In fact, that's it! Make a "to do" list and refer to it often. With your attention on so many things during a production, it's easy to forget something.

6. What is more difficult for you to pull off as a director: The big scare or the big laugh?

"Scares" are way easier than laughs. Writing humor takes a special skill. I can create funny situations, but that's a different thing. Lots of the laughs in THE LYCANTHROPE are unintentional. People find different things funny. I don't complain as long as they are entertained.

7. What's the most underrated job on the set?

Production assistant or production manager. People look at them as "go-fers," but without them going to fetch things we forgot and all the other tasks we give them, we would be lost. They deserve props!

8. Was working with the prosthetic special effects fun for you or a necessary pain in the ass?

FUN! I'm a big kid when it comes to that stuff and the whole process of creating something is a blast for me. It might be a pain in the ass for the person getting the mold made of their head, but I would do it as long as it doesn't go up my nose.

9. What was your favorite Zayra costume from Rockstar: Supernova?

Without question, the skintight blue cat suit thingy!

10. Popcorn or candy?

Neither. I usually eat before or after I go to the movies. Besides, have you seen the prices of that stuff lately?

By John Wildman, Staff Writer